Chapter 1664

The situation carried on until a figure slammed his silverware on the table. The sound was not thunderous, but it was loud enough to shock everyone at the table. The three of them raised their heads, and Colton had already sat down. Daisie was stunned for a while and quickly withdrew her hand that was under the table. “Colton...” Colton and Nollace confronted each other with a series of glares—the two of them looked exceptionally unpredictable and unfathomable. Daisie did not dare to say anything at this moment for fear she would say something wrong that would spark a brawl between Colton and Nollace. In the end, it was Nollace who broke the solemn and awkward atmosphere. “You rarely come to this dining hall, Colton.” Victoria College’s dining halls had a wide variety of food, but most of them offered Western food, and the price was slightly lower. In addition to the canteens, there were also restaurants in the college that offered more exotic cuisines. Most of the students came

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