Chapter 1666

Controlling one and working against the other was better than letting two smart women work together and putting Daisie in danger. There wasn't a need for him to do anything to Lisa because she wouldn’t last long. At that moment, Lisa took a cab heading toward the address of the villa written on the note. She hadn’t told Ivanka that she was chased out of the Knowles. If she could use that man to turn things around, she would do her best to get out of Ivanka’s control. The cab stopped nearby. Lisa looked out the window and saw that it was pitch black around. There wasn’t a huge villa as she had imagined, but it was an abandoned construction site. The yellow road lights lit up the way, but everything else was in darkness. She paused and questioned the driver, “Are we at the wrong place?” The driver didn’t reply but suddenly turned off the lights. Lisa realized that she was in danger, so she opened the door and rushed out. After running a few steps, a few men came out from th

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