Chapter 1668

“Can she not tiptoe?” Nollace chuckled, “Lisa got to where she was because of Ivanka. If Ivanka wanted to use her, she would have planned to control her. If she knew that Lisa was planning to ditch her, no matter where she would go, she would be blocked.” When Lisa fell into the hands of Donald’s people, and once she realized that she had nowhere else to go, Ivanka would be her way out. If she cut Ivanka off, it would be the end of her. Edison looked into the rearview mirror. He had never been disappointed with Nollace’s tactics during all the years that he had worked for him. Even Donald had told the people in the black market that the Knowles kid was a wolf, and if he offended him now, he might bite him in the future. If that didn’t kill him, he would still need to pay with a pound of flesh. Lisa was just a clown to him. She kept challenging Nollace, so it would be weird if he let her off. Meanwhile… When Lisa woke up, she was in a hospital. The construction site workers had

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