Chapter 1670

Daisie pressed her lips together and stayed silent. It would be a lie to say that she never thought about Nollace that way. How could someone not when they saw a face like that? Freyja waved her hand. “Alright, enough from me. I don’t want you to have funny dreams.” Daisie covered her mouth. “Enough.” Ayan stood at the walkway to the library and watched them leave, then turned and left too. At the Knowles Group… There was a knock on the door. Edison opened it and saw Tristan walk into the office. “Nollace.” Nollace closed the file he was holding and looked up. “You’re back.” “I heard that Donald Matthews has Lisa now.” Tristan pulled a chair out and sat down. “Nollace, are you in contact with him?” Nollace put down the file. “No, I just went through Lara.” Tristan frowned. “Jonah Reese has taken her out of the hospital to avoid Donald. You used Lara to send Lisa to Donald. If Lara said that it was you…” “She wouldn’t.” Nollace smiled. “Lara knows that she has offended Donal

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