Chapter 1683

The clothes were all high-end, limited edition, designer-branded clothes. Before her family ran into a dead end and she dropped from where she was, Lara never liked others touching her clothes. Even when she was attending events, if an artist were to step on the hem of her dress by accident, she would rain fire and brimstone on that individual. Lara did not respond to him but became even merrier instead as she tore the clothes. Ken got up and motioned to the servant. “Bring her to wash up.” The maid stepped forward to help her up, and Lara reacted violently, struggling and resisting her. “Don’t touch me. Go away!” There was nothing that the maid could do. Ken rolled up his sleeves, walked up to her, grabbed her by the hair, dragged her to the edge of the swimming pool, and submerged her head into the water. She choked and struggled in the pool, but the people on the side did not dare to stop him. Seeing that she gave up struggling, Ken pulled her head up, and she coughed violent

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