Chapter 1685

The secretary scratched her cheeks. “She didn’t give us a name, but she’s been here for a long time.” Nollace got up suddenly and hurried out of the office, followed by the secretary and Edison. At the lobby… Daisie was sleepy after waiting so long and could not wait any longer, so she got up and left without hesitation. She walked out of the building and reached her arm out to hail a cab. But she was stopped by a figure that appeared behind her, approached, and pulled her back. She was caught off guard and slammed into his arms. Daisie was stunned and raised her head. And judging from Nollace’s heaving chest, it seemed that he had rushed out of the building in order to catch up to her. He then took a few deep breaths and calmed him breathing down. “Why didn’t you call me?” “You didn’t reply when I texted you and weren’t you in a meeting?” Daisie lowered her gaze. “I was afraid that you were busy, and I’d disturb—” Before she could finish speaking, Nollace had already pulled he

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