Chapter 1689

Daisie nodded. “Alright.” “Go rest.” Daisie walked into the villa and took a look at Colton, who was outside, then looked down. She balled her hands into fists. The next day, Daisie sat in the seats and watched the students who were late practicing their catwalk. When Ayan came over, he brought drinks for everyone who was practicing and was very friendly. They were all very nice to him too. He kept one bottle of drink, walked toward Daisie, sat down next to her, and handed the bottle to her. “I just bought this.” Daisie took it. “Thanks.” But she didn’t drink it. She just placed it on her right and continued watching the training. Ayan looked at her. “You seem to have been here pretty early.” “I can rest early if I reach early.” Daisie turned around and smiled. “Have you found a partner?” Ayan shrugged, “Not yet.” “I can introduce someone to you.” Daisie smiled. “We have a few girls from my class that are good.” Ayan’s expression froze, but he chuckled in the blink of an

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