Chapter 1692

Ayan went forward and supported her. “Daisie…” Daisie tried to push him away but to no avail. Ayan hurriedly wrapped his arm around her shoulder and said, “You look tired. Let me bring you to get some rest.” A few students noticed their situation and went forward to ask. Ayan smiled and replied, “She isn’t feeling well, so I’m sending her to the infirmary.” The group of students did not say anything afterward. Suddenly, Daisie pushed him away with all her strength, but her knees accidentally knocked the corner of the chair. She hissed, and the pain woke her up slightly. Seizing her chance while she was in possession of herself, she ran out without even taking the script. Ayan picked up the script and said, “I’ll go look after her.” The group of students looked at each other in confusion. Daisie was moving forward slowly with her hands on the wall. The world in her vision was spinning rapidly. She smacked herself on her head several times, and her blood flowed rapidly. Even her

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