Chapter 1694

Daisie lowered her head and replied, “I’m feeling a lot better.” “Thank goodness that your brother arrived just in time. Do you still remember how you got roofied?” asked Freyja. Daisie was stunned. “I was roofied!?” She did not know what had happened to her at all. She had not eaten anything at all. All she had ever taken was just a bottle of Coke… Daisie suddenly froze. “Coke… Is it that bottle of Coke?’ Freyja looked at her and asked, “Can you remember anything?” “I… I just took a bottle of Coke. But Ayan wasn't the one who gave it to me. Every classmate had a bottle of Coke.” She had always kept her guard up whenever Ayan was around her. She had not drunk from the bottle of water he had given her the last time. However, another classmate gave her that bottle of Coke, and almost all of the students in the auditorium had one. That was why she drank it without thinking twice. After listening to Daisie's narration, Freyja knew Ayan must have put something into the Coke bottle

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