Chapter 1701

“She’s stubborn and won’t behave. So what if I lock her up for two days? Do you feel bad?” Sandy looked cold. Brandon frowned. “She’s your daughter.” She stopped what she was doing and looked up. “I’m doing this because she’s my daughter. She doesn’t respect me.” Brandon wanted to say something, but the housekeeper walked over anxiously, “Ma’am, Ms. Vanderbilt is here.” Sandy paused, then laughed. “I guess the Goldmann princess is worried about my daughter. Let her in.” Before the housekeeper could invite her, Daisie had already walked in. “Where’s Freyja?” She left her manners at the door. Sandy looked at her. “Ms. Vanderbilt, Fey isn’t feeling well and is resting. I don’t think she should be entertaining guests.” She slowly got up. “Have you had lunch? I’ll get them to prepare something—” “I’m not here for lunch.” Daisie went straight to the point. “You locked up Freyja, didn’t you?” Sandy’s expression froze while she looked toward the maids standing at the side. They did

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