Chapter 1703

Daisie walked into the room with a fruit basket. Freyja turned to see her. She placed the basket on the counter. “I guess you won’t be able to attend the anniversary event. You probably need to be here for about half a month more.” Freyja smiled. “Thank you.” “Don’t say that.” She sat on the chair. “You helped me before.” Freyja chuckled. “I guess we’re even then.” Soon after that, Daisie walked out of the room and into the busy corridor when she suddenly saw a familiar person. Wasn’t that Nollace’s bodyguard, Edison? She quietly followed them and saw that he was at the hospital’s A-wing. He entered a room quickly, but what was curious was that there were two bodyguards outside that room. Daisie hid behind a wall and couldn’t go closer, so she could only wait for someone to exit. After a few minutes, Edison opened the door and walked out. Before the door closed, she saw the person lying in bed. It was Ayan. Daisie paused and remembered that Nollace had said he was the only

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