Chapter 1707

Daisie fell silent after Freyja mentioned Deedee. She had to take care of her brother’s daughter, so it was true that she couldn’t spend her money freely. Colton turned around and said, “You don’t have to pay for it.” Then, he left the ward. In the end, Freyja was "forcefully" moved to the VIP inpatient department on the 16th floor. Since the ward was located on a higher floor, it received more sunlight. The sound insulation was a lot better, and the corridor was empty. It was not as noisy as the ward downstairs and was a suitable environment for recuperation. Daisie looked at Colton. She was kind of surprised that her brother would spend money on someone other than her. After all, not everyone could make her brother spend money for them. However, she was kind of happy as well. At the very least, Colton had already started to warm up to Freyja. Colton received a call and went up to answer it. Freyja went closer to her and whispered. “Is there something wrong with your brother

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