Chapter 1713

The man replied, “About 9:00 a.m.” On the other side of the town, in the precinct… The two officers who had the night shift brought Ean into an interrogation room, and Nollace was already in the room. Ean was handcuffed, walked up to the seat across Nollace, and sat down. “Perhaps, what you said is right.” Nollace glanced at him while tapping on the table with his knuckles. “You should thank the officers for arriving at the scene in time. Otherwise, you’d be a corpse by now.” Their deal that night was that Ean would become a witness of the case, and he would keep Maggie safe. Ean was an accomplice as he had eradicated the evidence of Ken killing Mr. Reese for Ken. Hence, in order to avoid being wanted by the police, Ken would definitely get Ean to be his scapegoat. Nollace bet on the fact that Ken would rather trust his own judgment than trust Ean to take the fall for him willingly. If he wanted to be safe and sound, Ean must disappear from this world. As long as Ean was dead, t

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