Chapter 1716

Colton quickly walked forward and pulled Sandy away. She lost her footing and fell next to the bed. Freyja coughed loudly and took deep breaths while lying on the bed. The nurse was worried that Sandy would do something outrageous again, so she held her. She didn’t seem to be stable and was rambling about cornering her and why she wasn’t the one dead… Freyja’s eyes looked tired. She could see how much Ken’s death had affected her mother and how that had made Sandy break down. They were both her children, but only Ken would be the reason her mother was so devastated. Why should she be brought into the world in the first place? “Mrs. Pruitt, that is too much!” Daisie couldn’t stand it anymore. “Freyja is your daughter, but you want her life because Ken lost his?” Sandy lost her mind and was like an empty shell without a soul. “I just want my son…” Daisie was going to say something, but Freyja spoke first. “Enough.” She looked down with no expression on her face. “There’s no ne

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