Chapter 1719

There were two seats there. Nobody was around, but there was cutlery, and the food was untouched. One of the chairs had a laptop bag on them. It was to stop people from sitting there. She walked over and placed down her tray of food. “Who is this?” After saying that, someone approached her and placed a drink in front of her. She looked up, and it was Colton. He moved his bag back to his seat and sat down, then picked up his cutlery and started cutting the steak on his plate. Freyja looked around, and there weren’t any other seats around. “Is someone sitting here?” He slowly chewed and didn’t look up. “No.” “So you’re taking up two seats?” “I don’t like to eat with strangers.” Freyja didn’t know what to say. Colton looked up calmly at her. “Is there a problem?” “No.” She smiled and picked up her food, “I’ll leave you to it then.” She turned and was about to leave when Colton stopped her. “Wait.” Before she could react, he calmly said, “Take a seat. I have questions for yo

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