Chapter 1734

Lisa patted her skirt calmly to clean the dust. “Whether I dare to do so or not depends solely on your attitude, Mr. Livingston. As long as I can get out of our business relationship unscathed, your secret will go into the grave with me. However, if I can’t step backward safely, don’t blame me for wrecking your family and ruining your reputation.” ‘I’ll hit him where it hurts by pinching his future. People of higher status are usually afraid of such messes. This hobby is enough to destroy the image of a good husband and father he has been maintaining in front of others in Haniston. ‘People in the upper class have a lot of fun, but they’ll never allow their actions to be exposed and be used against them. Because they have the money, they’ll keep everybody’s mouths shut. And when those women get paid the right amount, it’s only natural for them to keep things to themselves. After all, they’re afraid of getting into trouble too. ‘But I’m different. If he leaves me with no other choice,

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