Chapter 1737

“Here’s some advice. If you don’t want to follow in the Reeses’ footsteps, it’s best not to do anything.” Nollace left. Zenovia started shaking. ‘Was he behind what happened to the Reeses!?’ That evening… After the rain, the ground was wet. The wind blew, and the air was filled with the scent of wet grass. Daisie had just got to the villa and stood at the door to take off her shoes when she heard the doorbell ring. She turned around to get it. “Who is it?” She was surprised to see Nollace. She then hummed and went back into the room. Nollace closed the door, hugged her from behind, and smiled. “You’re angry again?” Daisie removed his hands. “Your fiancee came to see me. What do you think?” “Who’s my fiancee?” he whispered into her ear, “Isn’t my fiancee right here in my arms?” Daisie smiled. “Aren’t I just a student that you’re giving allowance to?” Nollace sat down on the couch and pulled her onto his lap. “Would you let me pay for you?” Daisie coughed and smacked him. “

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