Chapter 1743

The housekeeper was stunned. She turned her head around and asked, “You want to bake some snacks?” Daisie scratched her cheek and said, “Yeah. I want to learn how to bake cookies or pastries.” The housekeeper suddenly realized something and chuckled. “Is it for your boyfriend?” The tip of Daisie’s ears turned red as she lowered her head and did not say anything in return. The housekeeper stopped whatever she was doing and replied, “Sure. I can teach you.” Daisie smiled. “Thank you.” The housekeeper taught her how to make a simple dish throughout the morning. Daisie was learning while trying to make the dish according to the housekeeper's instructions. The housekeeper surprised her and pointed out her mistakes every now and then. After roughly two hours later, Daisie finished making the cheese tarts. She packed them up nicely and got the bodyguard to bring her to the Knowles Group. At the Knowles Group… Nollace received a call from the hospital, saying that Lisa died the previo

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