Chapter 1749

The news spread across all social platforms, and its popularity skyrocketed. In particular, Haniston’s netizens commented that Zenovia had humiliated herself and her home country abroad. She was not only a conceited person but also a person with a narrow view and so on. On the contrary, Daisie attracted a large number of fans and received numerous praises because she was very low-key and never boasted about her identity. At that moment, a private jet that belonged to someone who had just acquired St. Petersburg Airlines in Stoslo was flying at an altitude of 32,000 feet. The teenager sitting on the leather seat flipped through the magazines in his hands, and there were delicious wine and delicacies on the table. The cabin was extremely spacious and comfortable, and he enjoyed it very much. The flight attendant came over at this time and reported respectfully, “Sir, the plane will enter Yaramoor’s airspace in another ten minutes. We’re expected to run into turbulence during the des

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