Chapter 1751

“Since the Knowles aren’t stable yet, he urgently wants to be engaged with you because he knows how much the Goldmanns can help him.” Daisie was sure about Nollace. “He’s not that kind of person—” “Even if he isn’t, everyone, including Dad, thinks that way.” Colton’s words shocked her. She was shocked, not because she believed that Nollace was as Colton described, that he would use their engagement to solidify the standing of the Knowles, but instead how people saw their engagement, just like Colton said. There was no doubt about how her father saw it. If Nollace wanted to use their status to solidify his standing, why would he reject the king’s help? Wouldn’t it be easy to put the Knowles on the map with the help of the king? Nollace wanted to prove he could achieve his goal without help from anyone. But why could nobody understand? Was she the only one who did? Daisie looked down, looking sad. What Colton said devastated her, so he changed his tone. “If you get engaged no

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