Chapter 1753

Waylon suddenly paused before looking at the girl calling him Colton and frowned. The driver was going to say something when Waylon cut him off and stared at the girl. “What do you want to ask?” Someone who knew them well would be able to tell them apart, but someone who wasn’t close wouldn’t be able to do that. They had the same face, but their personalities and marks on their faces were easily distinguishable. They had similar voices, but if someone paid attention, they would be able to tell that he had a deeper voice than Colton. Freyja had never met the both of them, so it was impossible to tell their voices apart. He was in the car, and it was dark, so it was hard to tell them apart. “What happened to Daisie and Nolllace?” Waylon squinted but didn’t answer. Freyja crossed her arms, “Don’t stay silent. I’m sure you know the details. I can tell how much Daisie loves Nollace, so it’s impossible that you, as a brother, can’t. They were going to be engaged. Do you know how ba

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