Chapter 1759

Freyja turned around to look at Waylon, and he said, “I hope you know what you should and shouldn’t say.” It was very apparent that Nollace was the reason that Daisie refused to go to the college, and Freyja surmised that something must have happened between them. Besides, Daisie must have locked herself up in her room, drowning herself in her sadness because of the thing that had happened between her and Nollace. If Freyja said the wrong thing, it would further aggravate the situation. Freyja chuckled and asked, “So what do you expect me to say? Ask her to break up with him? Or tell her to go back to him?” Waylon looked at her for a long while before answering, “What do you think?” She did not say anything and went upstairs. She walked to Daisie’s room and knocked on the door. Daisie’s voice rang out from her room. “The door isn’t locked.” Freyja pushed the door open. The first thing she saw was Daisie sitting on the bed with her knees in her arms, and it was clear that she wa

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