Chapter 1768

Freyja knew that she was too frank, and since she didn’t understand the entire situation, she couldn’t blame anyone if she took a hit. “You’re good at offending people.” Colton looked at her before taking his leave. Freyja stood in her spot and thought about what he meant. Was he implying that she was offensive? But flattery wasn’t her style. That evening, at the Hilton Villas… Daisie walked into the living room and smelled dinner, so she walked into the kitchen. Waylon!” Waylon wore a black shirt and made a stew with one hand on his waist. The kitchen was filled with the smell of stew. He adjusted the heat, then turned to face her. “Dinner is ready. Wash your hands.” “Okay.” Daisie happily rolled up her sleeves. The housekeeper had been on leave since Waylon was back. After the food was placed on the table, Daisie immediately picked up her fork to try it. Waylon handed her some potatoes. “Do you like it?” She smiled happily. “Yes, you’re as good of a cook as Dad. I wond

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