Chapter 1770

Diana scoffed, “That’s true. She won’t be able to take Daisie’s place as long as I’m around.” Meanwhile, at the college… Daisie and Freyja were having their meal in the canteen when she suddenly got a call from Diana, who asked her to go over for dinner with Nollace. After the call ended, Freyja smiled and said, “I guess my aunt already treats you as her daughter-in-law.” Daisie blushed when she heard the word ‘daughter-in-law’. “You need to stuff more food in your mouth.” The people sitting at the next table were talking about how Zenovia became the god-granddaughter of the king because the news spread everything, and Zenovia was cast under the limelight. After Daisie heard that, she looked toward Freyja. Freyja looked up. “What’s wrong?” Daisie shook her head and lowered her eyes. “Don't you care?” Freyja was the king’s granddaughter, but the king would rather take someone with no blood relation to him as his granddaughter. That was ironic. Freyja drank her drink and look

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