Chapter 1773

Diana smiled and replied, “I guess he hasn’t woken up yet. I think he must have had a good night's sleep since you stayed overnight.” Daisie was stunned. “Does he always wake up early?” “Yeah. He wakes up very early every day,” Diana sighed as she placed her hand on her forehead. “Other parents want their kids to be independent, but Nollace is overly independent. Sometimes, he's too hard on himself, making me worry about him.” Daisie sipped on a cup of milk without saying anything. Nollace only woke up when the clock hit nine. He went downstairs and asked Peter, “Where are my mother and Daisie?” Peter replied, “Madam and Ms. Vanderbilt are upstairs.” Nollace narrowed his eyes, and suddenly, his mother’s voice wafted into his ear. “See? I told you that you would look good in this dress.” Daisie lifted her dress and asked, “But… Don’t you think this dress is a bit too formal?” When she raised her head, she rammed into Nollace’s eyes. Daisie could see her reflection through Noll

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