Chapter 1776

What kind of jewelry had the daughter of the Goldmanns not seen before? So, why would she steal other people’s items? Diana’s face dimmed in an instant. “What do you mean by that?” Upon seeing Diana’s expression, those present knew that Diana was extremely irritated. The identities of all three parties were off the charts. Thus, anyone who said anything at this moment might only cause unnecessary trouble. Zenovia’s eyes were bloodshot. “Mrs. Knowles, I didn’t mean to lie to you. You can ask Ms. Vanderbilt. I did get into contact with her just now.” Diana stared at Daisie. Daisie nodded. “Aunt Diana, she did approach me and said a few words when I was grabbing myself some food.” Diana took a deep breath. She believed Daisie and suddenly felt that this matter was not as simple as it seemed. Daisie then glanced at Zenovia and asked calmly, “Do you mean that I’m the one who took your necklace?” “I’m not sure, but my necklace disappeared after I talked to you. Ms. Vanderbilt, I know

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