Chapter 1780

Nollace was eerily calm. After a long while, he put the document aside. “Her scheme didn’t work this time around, but she won’t give up so easily.” Edison added, “But Madam has ordered the precinct to forbid Ms. Livingston from seeing the waiter.” Nollace raised his head slowly and chuckled. “The situation would be different if she were to manage to obtain the king’s permission.” Edison suddenly stopped talking. At White Ivy Palace… Zenovia met the king to talk about the grievances she had faced at the auction. William sat behind his desk, reading through some documents, and frowned. “Since the police have started an investigation, what are you worried about?” She pursed her lips and explained, “I only wish to know more about the progress of the investigation, but Mrs. Knowles stopped me from doing so.” William lifted his head. “Diana stopped you?” Zenovia pretended to be aggrieved. “I don’t know why Mrs. Knowles would stop me from investigating the matter. All I want is to ge

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