Chapter 1784

Waylon nodded. “So, is forcing Nollace to marry you your way of respecting others? If that’s the case, you’re quite a righteous person.” A hint of anger surged from the bottom of Zenovia’s eyes. “This is a matter between Mr. Knowles and me.” “As long as he’s still in a relationship with my sister, I’ll never allow the affairs between you two to exist. I can’t tolerate the fact that I’m looking at a filthy woman, do you understand me?” From the beginning to the end, Waylon did not go overboard with his choice of words—he did not even get worked up—but what he said was extremely offensive and ironic. Zenovia’s clenched fists trembled, and her expression dimmed in an instant. “We’re in Yaramoor, not Zlokova. No matter how powerful the Goldmanns are, you’re in no position to act so unreasonably and rudely in a foreign country.” Waylon glanced at her and squinted slightly. “You’re from Haniston yourself, so from where did you muster the courage to make that statement?” She sneered. “I

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