Chapter 1790

Freyja was curious. “But she’s your sister. Are you going to let the reporters do this to her?” Waylon let go of her with calm eyes and a smile. “Ms. Pruitt, don’t you think that what you said is a little ironic?” Freyja was startled. Waylon looked toward the crowd and said, “You think that my and Colton’s overprotection is too much for her, but now you want me to help her. She won’t be able to learn how to solve problems this way.” Freyja was surprised because she didn’t expect Waylon to remember what she had previously said, but more importantly, that he had listened. She parted her lips. “I meant only on certain aspects, like her own marriage and friends.” They shouldn’t interfere with those. Waylon tilted his head and looked at her. “Isn’t it the same?” Freyja was rendered speechless. At that moment, Daisie’s voice came from among the crowd. “If you think I’m guilty, I will work with the police to investigate and not let the rumors decide my innocence. As for the theft

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