Chapter 179

Maisie pushed his face that was coming closer to her away. Nolan was stuck to her like glue. Quincy walked right into a sappy scene when he opened the door. Maisie and Nolan both looked toward Quincy. The air froze. Quincy backed up and closed the door. Maisie pushed Nolan away and calmly said, “Show’s over. I’m leaving.” “Wait.” Nolan pulled her hand. Maisie turned around curiously but saw him smiling. “Don’t you want to know about the Lucas family?” ‘The Lucas family?’ Maisie paused. ‘Did he ask to see me because of them?’ “You found out?” Maisie looked down. She could keep nothing from him. “Mrs. Lucas is your mother’s sister, Larissa, one of the de Armas,” Nolan said. Maisie froze on the spot upon hearing that. Larissa de Arma. Her mother’s sister. Maisie had only found out that her mother was a de Arma before this but didn’t know about her sister. She finally learned that Mrs. Lucas was her mother’s sister! But she was the one helping Willow. Nolan stood u

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