Chapter 1803

It was different from what one could get from a luxury brand because it was custom-made for the royals. Zenovia immediately recognized her. “I’ve seen you at the Knowles mansion before.” Once she said that everyone looked toward Freyja and guessed she was related to Nollace. Freyja squinted but didn’t say anything. Daisie was the one who confirmed it. “Yes, she has an extraordinary relationship with Nolly.” Zenovia’s smile faded. Daisie looked at the surprised crowd and introduced Freyja. “I won’t leave you wondering. Her name is Freyja Pruitt, Nollace Knowles's cousin and His Majesty's biological granddaughter.” Naturally, Daisie stressed on ‘biological’. Everyone was shocked. 'His Majesty’s granddaughter and last name Pruitt—she's the sister of Ken Pruitt!' Zenovia was surprised. She grabbed the side of her skirt and smirked. “So you’re the child of the second family.” Everyone knew that the child of King William’s second child was Mrs. Pruitt, and her son, Ken Pruitt, w

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