Chapter 1806

Freyja looked at the dishes on the table. All of them looked delicious, and she found it hard to believe that all of them were prepared by Waylon. In her impression, those who came from a prestigious family generally led a pampered life, and someone like Waylon, who knew how to cook, was pretty rare. After she took a bite, Daisie went forward and asked, “How is it?” Freyja smiled and nodded. When she lifted her head, she met Colton’s gaze. His eyes were filled with a complicated emotion that Freyja couldn’t understand. She looked at him for a few seconds before averting her eyes and continuing to enjoy the dishes. The atmosphere at the table was tense. Freyja had a small appetite and was a slow eater. She just took from the dishes in front of her. Suddenly, Colton pushed the dish in front of him to her. He made it look like an unintentional action, but Freyja was stunned. She raised her head to see that Colton was sipping on a bowl of soup. Daisie saw what her brother did, and

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