Chapter 1808

Juneau was standing at the defendant's table to answer the judge's questions. He was trying to defend himself by saying that Lisa's death was just a result of his negligence. After all, he was not the one who had done it. Instead, he had paid off the hospital's security guards, and it meant he did not kill Lisa directly. Even if he needed to be held responsible for Lisa's death, he would only need to serve two or three years in prison in Haniston. With his team of lawyers, it wouldn't be a problem for him to be released in court. Juneau and Elder Master Livingston were both very confident. However, Xavi, who was sitting at the side, had a cold expression on his face. He touched his watch, and his jaw was tightly set. Apparently, he was waiting for something. Just as the judge was about to deliver the verdict, someone in the gallery shouted, "Objection!" Everyone turned their heads around to see a pair of couples. The woman was bound to a wheelchair while her husband was standing b

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