Chapter 1812

Nollace lowered his head and pressed his lips against hers. That was what he had been thinking about day and night. Daisie wrapped her arms around his neck, and the two hugged and caressed each other under the begonia tree. The two figures were inseparable until the moment the two lips separated. Daisie lowered her gaze, her eyelashes flickered, and the emotions that surged from the bottom of her eyes rippled. “We’ve been apart for half a month.” He gave off a chuckle, and his lips landed on her forehead this time around. “Yeah, it’s been half a month.” She whispered, “Don’t you have anything to say to me?” Nollace rubbed his fingers over her lips and whispered, “Yes.” He approached her, and she was only inches away from him. “You haven’t been by my side, and that made me miss you so much that I actually dreamed of you.” Daisie’s cheeks turned warm. She avoided his gaze and said in a stern voice, “That level of glibness.” But she could not help but wonder. “What did you dream

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