Chapter 1841

Daisie smiled. “That's all the more reason for me to sharpen myself up.” “Are you willing to leave Nollace behind, though?” Daisie was stumped. Xyla chuckled. “If you want to return to your own country, it means you have to separate from Nollace. You two will need to maintain a long-distance relationship. Are you not worried that your beloved Nolly will fall in love with someone else?” Daisie was tongue-tied, and she grabbed the cup tightly. Suddenly, a chuckle rang out behind her. “You should probably stop teasing her.” Xyla turned her head around and saw Yorrick standing behind her with Xena. She stretched her arm forward to get Xena and chuckled. “I’m not teasing her. I’m just giving her a warning.” Yorrick looked toward Daisie and asked, “So what do you think?” Daisie pressed her lips thin and replied, “I… I don’t know…” “Both of you are still young.” Yorrick sat on the couch and said calmly, “Life is a long journey of trials and tribulations. If you two separate just b

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