Chapter 1844

Nollace flipped through the newspaper and lifted his eyelids. “She won’t be able to run away from me.” Diana did not know what to say. Things wouldn’t be so complicated if Daisie wasn’t one of the Goldmanns, and Nollace could marry her right away. However, the reality was that Daisie was someone of special background. She was certain that Nolan wouldn’t let her son marry his daughter that easily. Rick was making tea. After Diana went upstairs, he looked at his son. “Nollace, if you really like Daisie, and if she likes you too, you should just ask her to stay here.” Nollace closed the newspaper and said faintly, “I can’t guarantee her safety if she stays with me. This time, my enemy is on a different level than Zenovia.” He did not think Zenovia was a threat, but his enemy this time was different. Rick was smart, so he instantly knew what Nollace was talking about. “What happened?” “Do you still remember Donald?” Rick’s face sank when he heard the name. “Of course, I remember

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