Chapter 1846

Colton walked toward the two sales clerks and tapped his knuckles against the countertop. “Wrapped anything that the lady from earlier showed interest in. I’m buying every single one of them.” The two sales clerks looked embarrassed. Freyja waited outside for more than 20 minutes, looking down at her watch from time to time to the extent that her feet went numb. ‘If I were to know that this is the case, I might as well have chosen to stay in the car.’ Two gift boxes were suddenly handed to her, and Colton’s deep voice came from behind. “Hold them.” Freyja glanced at the bags, grabbed them impatiently, and turned around to face him. “Mr. Goldmann, may we go back?” Colton looked at her. “Is there nothing that you want to buy?” “I won’t use any of those items,” she claimed. Colton scoffed and said, for mercy’s sake, “If you don’t have money, I can lend it to you.” Freyja chuckled and restrained her laugh immediately. “Do you think I’m poor?” He responded with a faint hum. “It s

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