Chapter 184

“What are you talking about? How could I forget about you, Nels?” “Hehe, don’t you only come to me when you’re lonely?” Nelson placed his rough fingers on her waist. Leila complained, “He has no interest in me, what can I do?” ‘D*mn it! If it weren’t for the sake of conceiving a son, and Stephen has been refusing to touch me during this period, why would I come up with such an idea? ‘Stephen is the one who’s treating me like sh*t, so he can’t blame me for cuckolding him! ‘Anyway, since I was able to bring Willow back to the Vanderbilts and talk him into recognizing her as his daughter, I can definitely give birth to someone else’s son and do the same again this time around!’ Nelson laughed. “I think you’re surely here because of something else, aren’t you?” “You do know me well, Nels.” A hint of viciousness flashed across Leila’s face as she said, “I’m here because of only one thing. I know what those people who serve you do, so if you’re willing to do this one thing for me, I’l

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