Chapter 1852

After becoming famous, James was caught in a bar fight by the paparazzi, and he lost 500,000 followers in a night. Charlie had spent a year building his image, but James was a disappointment. That was why he was angry. Daisie was different from James. She was a Goldmann and had a much higher net worth than James. Rejecting her like that was equivalent to digging his own grave. Mr. Gray was thinking about how to diffuse the situation, but instead of being angry, Daisie smiled. “You don’t know me. You think that I’m like James just because of who I am and won't even give me a chance. How could you already decide that I’m just here for fun?” Charlie finally looked at her. That girl looked much better than that rascal James. Charlie sat up straight and said, “Tell me, why did you choose Tenet when you could go with Royal Crown and Zestar?” She replied, “I wanted to start from the bottom again, and I didn’t want to use my family ties. I’m too close to Royal Crown and Zestar. I don’t

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