Chapter 1858

When Amy was leaving, she reminded Daisie, “Also, don’t try to take any shortcuts. Mr. Crawford hates it the most when actors or actresses get into his project through the back door. You'll have to fight for the role if you really want it.” Daisie had been learning from Amy for the next couple of days, and Amy was willing to pass on some acting experience to her as well. For Daisie, Amy was her senior. Besides, she was five years older than her, and she treated her like her own sister. Charlie was standing in front of the mirror in his office. There was a cigarette between his fingers, and when someone knocked on the door, he flicked the ashes into the ashtray and said without turning his head. “Come in.” Amy pushed the door and walked into his office. She stopped behind him and said respectfully, “You’re looking for me, Chuck?” “I heard that you’ve been helping Daisie lately, and you also passed on some of your acting experience to her as well?” Charlie turned around and looked

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