Chapter 1863

Daisie was momentarily stunned before she stepped forward. “Mr. Johnson, but I didn’t get the role of Dragon Lady…” “I didn’t really expect you to get it.” Charlie crossed his arms and leaned against the back of the chair. “The reason you lost that role is that on the day of the audition, you looked at the role from a bystander’s perspective and didn’t put yourself into the shoes of the Dragon Lady. “The Dragon Lady isn’t as sad of a character as you think she is. Even if the heavens have done something wrong, the Dragon Lady shouldn’t have indiscriminately killed innocent people because she’s against the destiny that was arranged for her by the heavens.” Daisie paused. ‘In the plot, when the Dragon Lady eradicated the sect, many disciples of the sect, who were innocent, were dragged into the catastrophic tragedy. ‘The disciples of the sect believed in the way of the heavens, and they killed demons. It was the heavens that had done the Dragon Lady wrong, but in the end, it was the

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