Chapter 186

“Nol— Nolan?” Maisie thought the man next to her looked like Nolan, but he slowly sat up and moved toward her, “What did you call me?” Maisie raised her hand meekly to hold the man’s collar but realized the man wasn’t Nolan, so she immediately pushed him away. She turned around, and there were a few men that looked identical. They put out their hands toward her with evil smiles. “Ah!” Maisie hugged her head, screaming her head off because she could no longer control her emotions. The terror on her face replaced her beauty. “This drug is really strong.” Seeing she had almost lost her mind, the men knew that the drug had taken effect. “I’ll give the rest to her tomorrow.” The men turned to leave, but the door was opened. Someone had budged in. The people inside looked pale. They saw a lame man with a cane walk in with a few burly-looking men. He removed his hat. “Give that woman to me.” “Gerald, what are you—” “You kidnapped Mr. Goldmann’s lover and brought her to my place.

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