Chapter 1873

Even Amy was not confident she could get the Best Actress award in three years. Daisie shrugged and said, “I’ve already made up my mind.” After that, she looked at Hannah and said, “So what do you think? Are you up for the challenge or not?” Hannah did not know what to say. Even though she felt it was ridiculous as well and that she did not like Daisie at all, she found herself in no position to laugh at Daisie for her whimsicality after Daisie said she would quit being an actress if she failed to do what she had promised. She pressed her lips tightly and said, “Alright. I accept your bet. If you can do it, I’ll apologize to you in front of the media and press.” Daisie smiled and nodded. “That’s a deal then.” Afterward, Daisie published a post on her Facebook. #I’ll get the Best Actress award in three years!# Her fans all left comments below the post. [Did something happen to Dada?] [Way to go, Daisie! We have faith in you!] [I’m truly happy that Daisie has the aspiration

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