Chapter 1883

And it was also because of James that she had taken up this film project. However, the beau that she fancied had turned into a servant when he was around Daisie. Thus, how could she not feel annoyed by that? Her assistant saw something was wrong with her and asked, “Susan, is everything alright?” “Daisie Vanderbilt just won the Best Actress award, didn’t she? What’s there to be proud of? Even my Prince Charming is following her around like a pet willingly. Who the heck would show her this much respect if she were not the daughter of the Goldmanns?” Susan was so infuriated that she could not even go through the script by herself. The assistant was helpless. “She’s born with a silver spoon, so we can’t just make a one-to-one comparison between her and us, can we? Besides, James and Daisie are both from the upper class, so isn’t it normal that they can get along better?” Susan glared at her. “So are you saying that Daisie is a good match for my Prince Charming?” The assistant quick

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