Chapter 1890

The crew always felt that Daisie was very professional, but this time, it was obvious that Mitchell’s fans were the ones who had crossed the line. Mitchell’s slap was discussed between them before the filming started. Daisie had slapped him just to make it look more realistic. Nobody knew that it would turn into a trending topic. Daisie didn’t say anything. It seemed as though she had expected all that to happen. The fans were barricaded outside and tried to defend Mitchell, yelling for Daisie to explain herself. The director didn’t want this matter to blow out of proportion, so he asked Mitchell to handle it. Mitchell and Susan tried to calm them down, just saying good things about Daisie and never mentioning who was at fault the entire time. The fans were angry that their idol had to take the hit, but they couldn’t calm down now that he was defending her. “Mitchell, your face is still swollen. It’s Daisie Vanderbilt’s fault, but why are you defending her? That breaks our hea

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