Chapter 1893

Yale rose to his feet. “Mr. Gallagher?” “I already know what is going on. It was Mitchell’s fault. He shouldn’t have twisted the truth and made waves. He should apologize.” Yale was stunned and fell silent. Hector had handed all the management of Zestar to Triden. However, Triden hardly ever cared about the things that happened to his artists. After all, his staff and the managers would take care of all the problems. Therefore, it was definitely not a simple matter since Triden had stepped in. Charlie rose to his feet and said, “That’s more like it. I’ll go back and wait for your good news then.” Triden did not stop him. After Charlie was gone, Yale asked, “Mr. Gallagher, you’ve got to think twice. Mitchell has brought a lot of profit to the company. His achievements and status are there for all of us to see. “Even though the whole incident was caused because of him on the Ιnternet, we need to ask him what happened first.” Triden turned to look at him and said, “There’s no n

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