Chapter 1905

Colton raised his eyebrows. “What’s going on?” Leonardo covered the phone and looked troubled. “Mr. Goldmann, the realtor said that that villa was sold two days ago.” Colton and Leonardo went to the sales gallery and were warmly welcomed by the manager. After he found out why they were there, he could only smile sorrily. “Mr. Goldmann, I’m so sorry. This happened because my team wasn’t properly informed.” The villa had been sold two days ago, and the realtor forgot to remove the ad after the paperwork was finalized. Thus, this caused the misunderstanding. It would be alright just to apologize if it were any other person, but this party was the second heir of the Goldmanns—the hardest to deal with. Colton sat down on the couch while someone poured him a cup of coffee. “Who bought it?” Leonardo looked at him in surprise. Was he going to buy it from the buyer? The manager awkwardly said, “Um… Why don’t I help you find out?” Even if the buyer was somebody prominent, it was be

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