Chapter 1911

Nollace responded with a hum. “Now.” “But I’ll need to grab some documentation in order for us to get married...” Nollace took a few documents out, and Daisie was shocked. “How did you get your hands on them?” He chuckled. “It's, of course, my father-in-law’s doing.” He and Colton were at the Goldmann mansion today, talking about matters regarding Taylorton. At some point, Nolan asked to talk to him privately. He wanted Nollace to do something in order to commit himself to Daisie and make his position known. And with that being asked, Nollace actually took advantage of the opportunity to obtain her documentation. Daisie did not expect that her father would actually give him her documentation. She thought of something and turned her head away. “But you haven’t even formally proposed to me yet.” He calmly explained, “We’ll get married first, and I’ll give you a wedding proposal after this. I have everything planned out.” This made her nervous. She still felt extremely uneasy when

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