Chapter 1920

Freyja tried to hit Colton, but he quickly grabbed her wrist and held her against the closet. She couldn’t push him away. “Colton, have you no shame!?” Colton raised her chin and stared at her flushed face. “I’ve never been ashamed.” Freyja didn’t know what to say. He lowered his head and kissed her. He just wanted to tease her, but it escalated quickly. He was familiar with her body, but if Freyja didn’t have feelings for him, she wouldn’t just let him get his way. That was the only time they had the same thing in mind. After a week, at the party to celebrate the end of their filming… Daisie attended the party. There were a lot of reporters at the door, and they rushed forward when Daisie and James showed up together. “Ms. Vanderbilt, who was the man you mentioned in your social account? Can you tell us a bit more about him?” James wanted to say something when Daisie pinched his arm. He took a sharp breath and smiled but didn’t speak. Daisie calmly said, “I’m sorry, but my

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