Chapter 1929

The program recording started, and Daisie sat on the stage, responding fluently to all kinds of questions the host asked her. Sure enough, her husband was something that would definitely be brought up. However, Daisie answered the question with a smile, “I’ve known him since I was a kid.” The host was surprised. “So, are you two childhood sweethearts?” Daisie responded calmly, “That’s right, but we were separated for a long time until we met again back then.” The host continued to ask, “Then did you get married because it’s a marriage arranged by both families, or is it because of your personal feelings for each other?” Daisie chuckled. “It’s not an arranged marriage. It’s just our personal feelings.” The host added, “Since you’re married officially and legally, why didn’t you choose to make it public? Are you worried that it’ll affect his personal life?” Daisie laughed and teased. “Because my husband is just way too brilliant to be real, I don’t want to get him exposed. Otherw

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